Are you finding the right loans for your potential customers?

Our new AutoCount® Dealer Risk Report, an enhancement to our AutoCount Dealer ReportSM, allows you to look at the vehicle sales and lender activity in your market at the credit level. With this additional information, you can better combat the current state of the market and position your dealership for the greatest success.

Get the highly competitive insight you need so you can understand:

  • What credit segments finance sources are buying
  • If you are working with the right lenders
  • How lenders are pricing loans by credit tier
  • Where your competition is securing loans
  • What volumes other dealers in your market are selling into by risk

Whether it is periodically or monthly, add AutoCount® Risk Report to your subscription and receive the benefits of the following report features:

  • All lenders originating loans in your market
  • Average amount financed, loan term, rate and average payment
  • Vehicle makes, models and/or model years
  • Geographic selection down to the ZIP CodeTM
  • New or used vehicles or both; franchise or independent dealerships or both

When the market gets tough, fight back with deeper market information that allows you to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. Now you can locate the best financing sources to secure the most loans and close more deals.

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