Know who is buying and selling what. Know who is lending in what credit segments and how you compare.

Use your marketing dollars more efficiently, and optimize your inventory mix to sell more vehicles by using the AutoCount Dealer ReportSM, which provides the timeliest, most accurate dealer-specific vehicle sales information available:

  • Know what specific new and used makes and models to stock
  • Improve your vehicle turnover rates
  • Identify market trends to beat the competition
  • Target your marketing campaigns for the greatest success
  • Broaden your lender mix to close more deals

The AutoCount® Executive Summary, a feature of the AutoCount Dealer Report, provides a snapshot of retail vehicle sales activity in your marketplace. You can visually identify your most lucrative sales sources and new opportunities.

All new risk report

A first of its kind, the AutoCount® Risk Report provides dealers with new and used vehicle financing trends within customized credit score ranges and loan characteristics in order to:

  • Find out what types of loans are being purchased by which lenders in their market
  • Establish new lending relationships
  • Get more customers financed throughout more credit tiers
  • Take business from their competition by leveraging the best available lending sources

Why choose AutoCount over the competition?

  • Accuracy — sales data directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Speed — generally available two weeks after the close of the month
  • Flexibility — customized reports based on your needs
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